Technical mortar solutions

Concrete repair, precision grouting, anchoring and fixing mortars, waterproofing products, damp proofing products, mortar additives

These products are suitable for a range of buildings, from small homes to large industrial buildings and concrete works, and from renovation and refurbishment projects to new building and civil engineering constructions. They are designed to be easy to apply by specialists, craftspeople and end users alike.

Concrete repair

Weber offers a wide range of repair products suitable for a wide variety of applications, including structural and non-structural repair. Solutions range from products for small repairs performed by hand, to spray-application products for treating very large areas.

Precision grouting, anchoring and fixing mortars

Weber’s range of cement and resin-based precision grouts are strong, stable, able to transfer loads effectively and provide very good chemical resistance. They are used by specialist fitters to fill empty spaces under heavy machinery baseplates, steel columns, pre-cast concrete and anchoring applications.

Anchoring and fixing mortars are usually used to position metallic elements in residential buildings or in civil engineering constructions, where they can secure heavy loads. Weber offers a variety of simple products for craftsmen and DIYers, as well as more advanced products for expert use.

Waterproofing products

Weber offers a wide range of cement- and bitumen-based waterproofing products, liquid-applied membranes and dedicated solutions for waterproofing beneath ceramic tiles.

Cement-based waterproofing products

Weber’s large choice of cement-based waterproofing products ranges from one-component to two-component and crystalline waterproofing products. We produce rigid to highly flexible products designed to meet a very wide range of needs in both interior and exterior environments.

Bitumen-based waterproofing products

Weber’s one- to two-component bitumen-based waterproofing products are ideal for waterproofing roofs, buildings and foundations.

Liquid-applied membranes

Our resin based waterproofing liquid-applied membranes are easy to use, and have a wide range of applications in both new builds and renovations, including wet areas, wet rooms, balconies, terraces and more.

Waterproofing under ceramic tiles

Weber provides a wide variety of waterproofing products for use  with tile adhesives. These waterproofing solutions range from cement-based to resin-based products, and are suitable for both interior and exterior environments.

Damp proofing products

Damp proofing products resist the passage of water with no hydrostatic pressure, and are generally applied to walls to keep moisture out of a building. Weber offers solutions to prevent rising damp, as well as cement- and lime-based renders for the repair of damp and salt-loaded masonry.

Mortar additives

Our range of additives for concrete and mortar include accelerators, retarders, air entrainments, plasticisers, super plasticisers and corrosion inhibitors. Dosage is generally less than 5% by mass of cement, added during mixing.

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