Solutions for façade and external wall thermal insulation

Decorative renders, insulating mortar, external thermal insulation systems, cladding solutions

Weber facade solutions decorate, enhance, protect, insulate and repair new or old façades. Their huge palette of aspects, colours and decors keeps them perfectly in tune with local architectural styles and national heritage.

External Thermal Insulation System (ETICS)

ETICS does much more than offering long-lasting protection and decoration for a building’s façade. It also improves a building’s thermal performance in a number of ways:

  • Provides active insulation by preventing heat flow through walls and around windows, doors and other openings
  • Cuts energy consumption and CO² emissions from heating and cooling
  • Prevents mould growth
  • Eliminates thermal bridges
  • Allows bi-directional thermal insulation in hot and cold weather conditions – keeping interiors cool in summer and warm in winter.

Weber offers a wide range of ETICS systems conforming to local thermal performance requirements and regulations. Available with different insulation boards including EPS, XPS, mineral wool and phenolic boards at a variety of thicknesses, they enable a choice of insulation levels to suit local weather and preferences and are designed to last in specific local climate conditions.

Our large range of finishing renders, glues, insulation boards and accessories are adapted to local customs and requirements. They are perfect both for new builds and for renovating any type of building, both residential and commercial.

And finally, for those all-important finishing touches, Weber offers finishing renders from full mineral mortars to acrylic, silicate and silicone wet renders. The whole range is available in a wide variety of colours and textures adapted to local preferences.

Aislone, a unique insulating mortar

Aislone is a mineral-based mortar with extremely high insulating properties used on new builds or for renovation. It is covered with a traditional finishing render

Renders and decorative finishes

For new builds and refurbishment schemes

Weber façade renders are available in a wide variety of structures, designs and colours. Well as being highly decorative, they also actively help protect buildings against external weather conditions.

To complement the diversity of architectures and styles, Weber provides a large and unique choice of local solutions combining:

Long-lasting colours thanks to a wide selection of raw materials and a production process ensuring stability and durability of pigment.

Wide choice of textures and finishes, from smooth to textured. Application methods and tools can create ashlars, joints, stone effects, groove lines and more, inspiring creativity to its full potential.


Large selection of products and applications

From mineral renders to synthetic finishing renders, we offer a huge choice of products including:

  • Monocouche solutions
  • Thin and thick renders ready to mix
  • Polymeric/wet renders ready for use

Our renders are suitable for machine spraying or manual application, and we also offer a choice of new options such as cool pigments, biocide-free renders, strong dark colours, waterproofing decorative coatings and weatherproofing renders.

This large selection of products and applications is ideal for new builds as well as buildings requiring partial or complete renovation.

Monocouche render

A single-layer render used to replace layers from levelling to decoration. Directly applied onto substrates such as bricks, concrete and blocks, a monocouche provides buildings with efficient weather protection.

Waterproofing decorative coatings

Elastomeric coating systems used mainly in renovation to give concrete façades complete protection. They can bridge cracks of up to 2mm.

Façade renovation and old buildings

Façade renovation of buildings with historic value

Weber offers mortars for renovating old buildings which are similar to the original materials, extending the durability and beauty of our most valuable and historical façades for future generations.

These mortars are specific solutions formulated with traditional methods in mind. Based on natural ingredients such as lime and sand, these mortars offer non-aggressiveness and breathability. Their compatibility with historical materials makes them key solutions for the renovation and durability of prestigious sites, approved by cultural heritage authorities. Offering consistency and traditional colour palette options, they allow restoration experts to produce the same effects as the original material.

We are proud that our reputation for expertise in this specialized field has enabled Weber to work with restorers on exciting renovation projects across Europe, bringing some of the continent’s oldest buildings back to life.

  • Lime-based mortars are characterised by their high flexibility, high damp diffusion openness, low strength and self-healing properties. The abundance of limestone worldwide means it has been used as a binder for centuries.
  • This website: showcases a selection of prestigious and architecturally representative examples of Heritage building renovation projects around Europe which have chosen Weber solutions. 

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