Plastering mortars

Weber plastering mortars are designed for levelling, smoothing or fine-smoothing uneven surfaces before final treatment. They are based on gypsum, cement or polymer, depending on applications and local expectations.

To level, smooth, and decorate interior walls


Weber plastering mortars can be used on walls and ceilings for:

  • Basic rough levelling of mineral-based walls, and levelling and undercoating concrete, lightweight concrete, lightweight blocks and brick walls.
  • Filling holes and irregularities, levelling and covering ceilings.
  • Repairing, levelling and undercoating old rendered surfaces
  • Creating a levelled surface on a very uneven masonry or concrete.


Finishing plastering mortars are suitable for smoothing or fine-smoothing walls and ceilings before final treatment, such as paint, tiles or wallpaper, is applied. They are also suitable for direct application to mineral-based substrates such as gypsum boards or plastered surfaces.

Typically suitable for applications between 0.1mm and 3mm thick, they can also be used for small fillings during renovation work.

The quality and optimised workability of Weber plastering mortars makes them ideal for preparing substrates for painting or wallpaper treatment.


Decorative plastering mortars provide designers or architects with infinite possibilities for creating indoor environments. Available in a wide range of colours, they assist with:

  • Decorating the indoor environment
  • Creating an indoor environment free of pollutants
  • Saving energy in climate controlled environments

Innovations in plastering mortars

Temperature-buffering plaster

  • Gypsum-based plaster for use on ceilings and walls as a primer or levelling plaster
  • Absorbs heat increase in a room above 26°C
  • Improves comfort for occupants and reduces the need for air conditioning

Ultra-efficient gypsum plaster

  • Ultra-Light gypsum plaster for walls and ceilings
  • Covers up to double the surface of a regular gypsum plaster
  • Cuts transport costs by reducing weight

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