Masonry mortars

Ready-mixed mineral-based products
A safe alternative to job-site mix, Weber masonry mortars are designed for new constructions and renovations. Suitable for all types of brick or blocks, they can be applied by hand or by machine.

Masonry is a traditional building technique using environmentally-friendly mineral-based products, and our products are designed in harmony with its timeless aesthetic quality.

Masonry mortars

Erecting a masonry wall

Weber masonry mortars can be used (subject to structural requirements) with all types of brick, concrete blocks, light weight blocks and clay blocks on both load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls.

Pointing brick walls

Pointing mortars give brick walls an extra touch of aesthetic quality. Weber manufactures pointing mortars in many colours for any type of brick. These products also be used to create custom masonry.

They are suitable for use in new constructions or renovations to repair brick joints in façades.

Our pointing mortar range offers:

A wide choice of coloured pointing mortars to complement the tones of local brickwork
Water-resistance, to reduce efflorescence
Easy application for specialized applicators using pointing tools

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