Flooring solutions: mineral-resin based products & systems

From craftspeople to specialists, from homeowners to developers, retailers and industrial manufacturers, Weber flooring solutions are designed and created around the needs and expectations of our customers.

We offer smoothing, levelling, covering and comfort products for small renovations to large new-build projects in residential, commercial or industrial buildings.
Whatever flooring solution you need, we’ll help you make it happen.
Weber has more than 40 years of experience around the world, working in close contact and cooperation with customers of every type. We’ve covered hundreds of millions of square metres of floor already – and we’re always innovating, testing and developing ways to cover even more. We pride ourselves on being the supplier that delivers: the supplier who cares.

Hand-applied floor solutions for smoothing, levelling or filling

For professionals and DIY

Underlay products

Hand-applied screeds for renovations and new builds

Weber offers a complete range for filling, levelling and smoothing the substrate layer in horizontal or sloped surfaces. We provide the optimal product for every job: fast-setting and fast-drying, fluid or paste, normal or lightweight, earth-dry and self-levelling. Easy to mix by hand or machine and easy to spread and level, they are guaranteed to last for the lifetime of the building.

Smoothing compounds

For professional floorers and interior decorators

Weber offers a wide range of dedicated fine smoothing and thin self-levelling floor compound to create the flat, smooth, strong substrate specialist flooring fitters need. Our trademark is our products’ unique self-levelling properties, which ensure ultra-smooth surfaces.

Whatever the requirements of the specific job, we have the solution: hand-applied or pumpable products, rapid-hardening or normal setting, liquid or paste, normal or self-drying. Our range is complemented by a variety of adhesives designed to work together with our screeds to give excellent performance, every time.

Pumpable screeds and supply services to support fast delivery and application

Screed solutions designed for job site productivity

Speed of delivery, application performance and reliable quality are essential for screed specialists – the people who fill, even and level substrates with a screed layer.

Weber offers a variety of screeds and unique delivery solutions to meet these specialists’ specific demands. Our screeds range from thin to thick, light to normal weight, flowable and self-levelling in a variety of pack sizes. We can deliver or supply any way you need: from bag or large-bag supply to delivery by silo or pump truck. We also train and develop flooring contractors to become Weber-Accredited.

Floor covering adhesives

In combination with our wide range of dedicated fine smoothing and thin self-levelling floor compounds, we offer a range of floor covering adhesives for professional floor covering specialist applicators.  With dedicated adhesives for fixing vinyl/PVC, rubber or wooden flooring, LVT floors, carpets, parquet and more to substrate, we match the needs of applicators and building owners alike.

Naturally our glues are fully compatible with our smoothing and self-levelling screeds.

Flooring systems to improve comfort in residential or commercial buildings

Providing warmth, quiet and aesthetic appeal for building users

Integrated systems

Floor heating systems to improve thermal comfort, dB floor systems to reduce impact sound.

Whether they are a homeowner, an office worker, a hotel guest or any other building user, everyone expects comfort – and Weber integrated flooring systems deliver.

We offer a choice of high-performance, ultra-thin floor systems for new builds and renovations alike. They can be used to improve sound or thermal insulation, or to integrate a fast-reacting floor heating system. Safe, easy and quick to apply, they’re as popular with fitters as they are with the customer.

Designer floors for residential or commercial buildings

Coloured decorative screeds as final floor covering.

Weber has developed a unique range of jointless, self-levelling coloured, “concrete-look” screeds. They can be used as final floor coverings in houses, commercial buildings and public areas alike. With a fast-setting formulation, they provide a long-lasting, stain and wear resistant floor covering in just a few days, which will stay looking as good as new without any specific care.

Superflat flooring for car parks, warehouses and industrial areas

Fast, self-levelling overlay and renovation solutions for industrial flooring specialists

Owners of warehouses, logistics centres, production facilities and car parks need a super-flat, extremely hard-wearing floor. And Weber’s range of dedicated industrial overlay screeds, floor hardeners and overlay compounds fits the bill perfectly. Our specialist flooring fitters are trained to evaluate and suggest the optimal solution for every situation, helping you get the floor you need today and for years to come.

Resin flooring coatings and systems

Commercial and industrial facilities need tough, joint-free floors that are both durable and attractive. Our professional resin floor coatings and systems offer solutions for commercial shopping floors to chemical factories, warehouses and any other area requiring specific chemical, mechanical or aesthetic performance.

Our fully-trained specialist applicators will help you choose the right system and guarantee optimal application to the highest standards of craftsmanship. 

Discover our other solutions

Solutions for façade and external wall thermal insulation

Solutions for fixing tiles and natural stones

Waterproofing and Roofing

Concrete works

Masonry mortars

Plastering mortars

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