Concrete works

Concrete works comprises concrete repair, grouts, anchoring and fixing mortars, special concrete, mortar additives and concrete protection coatings.

Concrete works covers all products used at a job site which are linked to concrete. These different types of products are suitable for a range of buildings, from small homes to large building projects and industrial buildings, including products for new constructions and renovations.

Concrete Works

Repairing concrete structures:

Weber has a range of products and systems for concrete repairs wherever they are needed. These products include concrete rebar corrosion protection, bonding layers and structural and non-structural repair products. Some of these products include corrosion inhibitors.

Gaps and voids filling:

Weber grouting products fill gaps between structures and undesired voids. They are suitable for static and dynamic loads and can be based on either cement or resin.

Anchoring/fixing metallic elenys into concrete:

During construction activity, it is sometimes necessary to anchor or fix metallic elements into concrete structures. Weber offers a range of products, both cement and resin based, suitable for these tasks.

Concrete protection:

New or refurbished concrete must be protected from ageing caused by the weather and environmental elements. Weber offers a range of protective impregnations and coatings that can extend the life of concrete.

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