New Generation weber.niv lex launches in France

Weber France has just launched a new version of its weber.niv lex smoothing floor product. Dedicated to internal and external flooring such as terraces, balconies and garages in private homes, weber.niv lex is available now in three colors (grey, cement grey and sand-coloured).


The product can be left without any extra covering, even outdoors. To improve its resistance and long lasting aesthetic appearance further, the use of weber.klin exterior, a new protective treatment offering water resistance, frost protection and high traffic stain repellence, is recommended.
The revised weber.niv lex recipe offers many benefits over its predecessor:
• Easier to mix and pumpable
• Fiber reinforcement for higher resistance
• Fast setting - walkable after just 2-4 hourss
• Suitable for slope applications when mixed with coarse sand

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