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Saint-Gobain acquires Megaflex in order to complement Weber's market in Argentina

Saint-Gobain has acquired Megaflex, Argentina's leading waterproof applications company, to enlarge its mortars business. The acquisition of Megaflex, which produces bitumen felts, paints and other products, is in line with the Group's strategy in complementing Weber's existing operations in Argentina, where Weber is already the market leader.

Weber thinks in colour

Have you heard about the Color Run? It’s a fun, sporty 5 km race where participants wearing white T-shirts run through clouds of coloured powder and it takes place every year in several countries. In September Weber Belgium invited employees and customers to be part of the race using the concept to introduce its new range of tiling grouts featuring colour stability and anti-mould protection.

Weber involved in an Instruction programme in Indonesia

Weber team in Indonesia demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility with a programme designed to help street children and kids growing up in disadvantaged families. Working with a charity association, Weber is providing student training and has renovated six classrooms at a school in the town of Bekasi. As a result 450 young people are getting a decent education and a chance of a better life.

Weber refurbishes Paris Metro Line No. 4

In France, Weber was chosen for the modernization work on the Paris Metro Line No. 4, which is part of the Grand Paris project. More than 21,000 m² of webercol souple adhesive and weberjoint flex grout, and 16,000 m² of weberep VM 216 repair mortar will be supplied for the refurbishment of the Metro stations. The webercol souple adhesive was chosen for its resistance to electric currents. Work, exclusively carried out at night between 1:00 and 6:00 AM is scheduled for completion by early 2020.

France changes lives for the better

11 employees from different sites of Weber France headed to Thailand to help in the construction of two buildings for high school students. The work was part of the Weber charity project called “Maetan 2017”, which aims to help students continue their studies far from their families. In addition, Weber Thailand, who have provided tiles and adhesive, also joined the French Team during the construction, a great example of coWeberation and solidarity. Definitely, this experience has been a wonderful and rich opportunity for each and everyone.

Weber says ¡Hola! to Chile!

A big welcome to more than 100 new members of the weber family in Chile! Weber recently acquired Solcrom, which for 60 years has provided ETICS systems, technical mortars and tile fixing solutions in Chile.

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