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Getting to grips with concrete in Ghana

Last month, 55 professionals from the construction industry, including managing directors, civil engineers, laboratory technicians and plant supervisors, attended the first Sustainable Concrete Club day in Accra (Ghana). Organised by the local Weber team, the event included training on the fundamentals of concrete, misconceptions about concrete admixtures and the importance of using Weber admixtures and related products. The participants enjoyed a lot the event and it will be repeated quarterly in the western and Ashanti regions of Ghana, two areas with vibrant construction activities. Contacts: Ben-Kevin Adigbli

weberend LAC rapid buys you valuable time!

Weber UK has launched weberend LAC rapid, a super-fast drying version of the established and successful weberend LAC. This new fast-drying base coat render is specially formulated for fast track installation and off-site manufacture, making it extremely flexible and suited to the changing needs of our customers. Have a look at the website and the video to see all the benefits

Put yourself in motion with Weber tile adhesives!

Cycling is very popular in Belgium, so when Weber Belgium wanted to launch their new range of tile adhesives at the same time as a major cycling race, they took the opportunity to follow the trend. They chose the baseline ‘Put yourself in Motion' - and embarked on a lively roadshow right across the country. Take a look at the promotionnal video and on the Belgium website if you want to know more.

Weber Romania gets its third WCM award!

Last March, Weber Romania’s Suceava plant was awarded WCM Silver (World Class Manufacturing). With just seven people working at the site, it is the smallest plant to have won this prestigious title. All three of Romanian Plants are now awarded: 2 Silver and 1 Bronze. These awards recognise Weber Romania’s remarkable and sustainable performances according to metrics such as Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), material balance and the OTIF (On time in full). Congratulations to the Romanian team !

Weber gets bigger in Indonesia

Weber Indonesia has just opened its fourth plant in Indonesia with a new installation of 52.000m2 in the town of Cikande, near Jakarta. Its production capacity of 150,000 tons and its ultra-modern installation help meet high growing demand across the region and confirm Weber position as a central player for the construction industry in Southeast Asia.

France shows its best façade with new TV ads

“Show your best façade” is the slogan for the new TV ad from Weber France. The campaign is positioning Weber as the standard in façade among professionals and end-consumers alike by enhancing the benefits of Weber façade solutions. Take a look at the TV ad here if you haven't already seen it on your TV!

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